North Coast 1500 July/Aug 2019 Part 2

Pennan Where they Filmed Local Hero

Mon 29th July

We hung up our towels outside the van last night and woke up in the morning to some typical east coast har which soaked the towels through. After running the genny for an hour to charge stuff up we headed on our way.

Not that far along the road we spotted a sign for Scotstown beach and decided to check it out. There is a carpark before some steep dunes that you go over to get on the beach, there is also ample space opposite the main car park if you were wanting to park there for the day or night. The only drawback is that you can't see the beach as the dunes are too high. Beautiful beach all the same

Stopped up at Asda in Peterhead to get some supplies and then headed north along the coast to Fraserburgh and then west along the Moray coast. We decided on a wee stop off at Pennan, the scene for the film local hero. It was a bit of a scary trip down to the village as the road down was very steep and windy, all be it not that long. We met 2 cars coming up the other way which was a bit nervy as it had to be on the steepest part.

My advise, PLEASE don't take a motorhome down into Pennan. Our van is a Fiat Ducato 5.4m in length and this was a struggle meeting a vehicle coming up the other way. In a motorhome it could be really dangerous.

Pennan though was worth the effort, as absolutely beautiful fishing village backed by high cliffs and the most quaint whitewashed houses. I don't know who started the craze of stone stacking, all along the front of the village are loads of little stone pyramids. We took the dogs for a walk along to the harbour. There is a small hut there which is also a cafe. Unfortunately the owner had to tak