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Cruden Bay & Slain Castle

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Head north 26 miles (42 km) from Aberdeen along the coastal route and you will get to Cruden Bay. This has long been a favorite spot of ours whenever travelling along Scotland's east coast. There's plenty of space to park the campervan at port Errol, where you are able to stay for a maximum of 3 days. There is also a toilet and water point.

The award winning Cruden Bay beach stretches in a beautiful curving arc 2.5 km along the coast and was also made famous by the Norwegian aviator Tryggve Gran, who set off from the beach in 1914 to become the first person to fly over the north sea in a heavier than air' craft. This maiden journey took him 4 hrs and 10 minutes.

Lucy Liu in particular loves this beach and would run around and roll in the sand all day !! Its also popular with water sport enthusiasts, particularly popular with kite surfers as we have seen many here. We've also spotted dolphins and seals from the port.

Cruden Bay is also on the North East 250 route and the Aberdeenshire coastal trail

Lucy Liu the Lion King !!

A bit busier than normal, but still a great place to park up !

Logan's been sniffing in the sand !

Barbie finished !

View from the port

Sun setting over the beach as viewed from the van


Only about 1 km from Cruden Bay beach in the atmospheric Slains castle, built in 1557 and allowed to return back to nature in the 1920's. This castle is believed to be the inspiration behind Bram Stoker's Dracula as it is known that he has stayed in Slains castle as well as the nearby Kilmarnock Arms Hotel (It's still open for business to this day)

The castle is set on top of high cliffs and it doesn't take a huge amount of imagination to understand how Bram Stoker got his inspiration ! Its also a great walk for the dogs, but be careful of the drops !

The approach to Dracula's castle !

Thanks for looking, maybe see you there !!!

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