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At DIRTY LITTLE PAWS we passionately believe that all poorly pooches should be able to recover in both comfort and style, free of the dreaded 'cone of shame' Our replacement covers are a great way to spruce up your dogs old boring blue or dull grey recovery collar or provide the same high quality replacement cover when your original doughnut cover is getting washed Our covers have been shown to fit most other brands of inflatable dog collars but typical you need to come down a size:


  • DIRTY LITTLE PAWS Large Covers Typically Fits an Extra Large in other brands
  • DIRTY LITTLE PAWS Medium Covers Typically Fits a Large in other brands
  • DIRTY LITTLE PAWS Small Covers Typically Fits a Medium in other brands


Key Benefits of Our Replacement Covers


  • NEVER DULL OR BORING - Ditch those boring blue or dull grey covers and instead opt for the fun and funky alternative for your dogs inflatable recovery collar, dog cone replacement
  • WE LIKE OPTIONS - Up to now if you wanted a replacement cover for your dogs buster collar you would have needed to buy it complete with the inner. Not now, at Dirty Little Paws we like to give our fellow dog owners more options
  • QUALITY & STYLE COMBINED - Our doughnut recovery collar covers are made from only the finest of materials, making it incredibly comfy for your dog to wear. Your poorly pooch deserves to recover in both comfort and style
  • ALWAYS FRESH - Our Chow Chow dog Lucy Liu is prone to hot spots and sometimes has to wear her doughnut for weeks. Constant use can cause her cover to get dirty and we always want a fresh spare for her. We’re sure yours will benefit from having a clean spare too
  • SPOILED FOR CHOICE - Our blue & pink sprinkled doughnut covers fit our dog cone collars perfectly but they will also fit other brands as well. Typically though you will need to come down a size i.e Our medium fits competitors large



    Replacement Covers to Fit Our Small, Medium and Large Doughnuts

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