Coming December 2020

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At DIRTY LITTLE PAWS we care deeply about your poorly pooch and want to aid in their recovery.

It's so important for a quick recovery that your dog can't get at their injury and they get the rest and recuperation they need.


The main problems with a normal dog cone is that:


  • it's very uncomfortable to wear, preventing restful recuperation

  • Vision is restricted

  • It's difficult to eat and drink whilst wearing it

  • It can crack, damage furniture and hurt your dog further

Our doughnut recovery collar has been designed with this in mind:

  • It's super comfortable to wear, aiding restful recuperation

  • Unrestricted vision

  • Can eat, drink and sleep whilst wearing it

  • Looks great, with our sprinkled doughnut design

Prior to the launch, we will be giving away some for free Early December 2020 before they go on sale

For your chance to be one of the first to get your hands on one, join our VIPaws club TODAY

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