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Argyll's Secret Coast

Head north west from Glasgow past the western shores of Loch Lomond and the 'rest and be thankful', you will reach the the beautiful and picturesque district of Argyll and Bute. Continue south down the B8000 along the eastern shores of loch Fyne and you will enter an area affectionately known as Argyll's secret coast.

We came across an amazing place to park our campervan last year whilst touring Argyll. Only about 1km from the very popular Oystercatcher pub & restaurant.

Oystercatcher in the background

Only a couple of hours from Glasgow

Reverse in off the road

I decided to take Lucy Liu and Logan for a walk along the coast to the pub and someone in a helicopter had a similar idea, that this would be a great place to stop for some lunch

Heading to the Oystercatcher for a bite to eat

Plenty of seating outside and in

Back from the pub

It's also a great spot to have a barbecue and chill watching the sun set over the western shores of loch fyne.

Time for a barbie

Thanks for looking, maybe see you there !!!

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